Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Schwedding Party

We've chosen a wedding party! We will have 5 ladies and 5 guys to help us celebrate our big day. I've written up a little background info on each of the bridesmaids and a reeeeally little intro to each of our groomsmen. If you notice, we actually have two Best Men.  I like to joke and say that we have a Best Man (Eric Schweitzer) and a Great Man (Mike Corte), but both are technically Co-Best Men. John just couldn't choose between the two (and I can't blame him... they're both awesome). So, without further adieu...

Lauren Ferrara Maid of Honor
Lauren and I have known each other since the day she was born. Though we didn't always have the most loving of relationships in our younger years (i.e. bottle-stealing, gum-stealing, shouting matches, etc.), we have grown to share a beautiful bond that only sisters (15 months apart) could share. I couldn't have asked for a better sister or better person to share my big day with. Even though she probably doesn't realize it, she has taught me patience, unconditional love, and compassion. She currently lives in Coventry, RI and is a wonderful mother to my favorite little niece, Lindsey Marie. 

Kathleen Schweitzer Bridesmaid

Kathleen is probably John's favorite sister and will definitely be one rockin' bridesmaid on the day of our wedding. She has been so friendly and fun since the day we first met (for stir-fry at Crazy Bowls) and has recently become someone I go to often to share wedding planning details. She currently lives in St. Louis and is studying at St. Louis University as an undergrad in communication sciences and disorders. Can't wait to call her sister!

Kate Arsenault Bridesmaid

Kate and I met at a training in 2006 for our summer jobs at Camp Westwood YMCA. We were both camp counselors to kiddos (ages 7-10) and instantly bonded over the craziness of our job. Although I only worked at Westwood for one summer, our relationship continued to strengthen after the job ended. We would hang out in coffee shops, go on shopping sprees, drive around RI, and talk about life, love, and all the in betweens. Although we live over a thousand miles apart, we still share a strong bond, especially in our chosen professions: she's an English teacher in RI while I'm a math teacher in TX. Kate's been a loyal friend since day one and I know I'll be able to rely on her during all this wedding planning stuff!

Emily Gagne Bridesmaid

Emily and I met at URI back in 2005. I was in a sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma, and she was thinking of pledging. The first time we really bonded was at an ugly sweater party (see picture) and were basically inseparable after that. We would spend hours with each other, listening to the Wicked soundtrack, sewing quilts, and just being silly. After Emily's sophomore year, she decided to move back to Maine to enter nursing school, but we continued to stay close. I was honored to be bridesmaid in her wedding about a year a go and now she'll return the favor by being a beautiful bridesmaid at our wedding in July! 

Justine Capraro Bridesmaid

Justine and I go waaay back, to the 7th grade in fact. I remember the day we met so clearly: I walked into English class and the only seats left were at an empty group in the back of the room. Justine left her group to join me in the back and we've been friends ever since. Back in our younger years, we spent endless hours on the phone and hanging out. We would watch movies together, talk about any- and everything, and even take trips to CT (or maybe just one, scary, sleepless trip). As we grew older, our busy schedules took us separate ways, but we continued to stay in touch (through snail-mail, phone calls, facebook, etc), and over two years ago, I was asked to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. It was so wonderful to be a part of her special day and I can't wait to have her be a part of ours! 

Eric Schweitzer Best Man

Eric is John's little brother. John loves his little brother like, well, a brother. They enjoy video gaming together, mainly of the zombie-killing variety. Eric also looks really good in orange (... and John told me to say that). 

Mike Corte Best Man
John and Mike have known each other since freshman year of undergrad at St. Louis University. They've been besties ever since. As far as I can tell, John looks up to Mike as much as Mike looks up to John. It's really a beautiful thing. Whenever John speaks of Mike Corte, he always speaks in hyperbole (i.e. "Mike Corte once killed a grizzly bear in an arm-wrestling match") and ends with, "Mike Corte, Great Man."

Reuss Anderson Groomsman
Reuss and John also go way back. They've known each other since freshmen year as well. They met in the halls of Marguerite Hall on the SLU campus, becoming good friends instantly. Reuss was studying aviation science, and John, computer science. Recently, John took a trip to Florida to hang out with Reuss for a International Fall Festival at Epcot in Disney. Rental of a bright yellow Corvette and drinks around the "world" ensued. 

Jay Sherfy Groomsman
Jay Sherfy is also a Great Man, according to John and others. John met Jay in Marguerite Hall as well. You could say he was a pseudo-floormate. They've known and enjoyed each other's presence for many years now. This is a picture of them after almost being mauled by a bear. Luckily, they blubbered like little girls and the bear had mercy on them. 

John Derus Groomsman
John and John were neighbors during John's senior year and quickly became good friends. John D. once threw a bag of trash onto John S.'s balcony and it smelled bad. John S. retaliated by doing the same. John S. doesn't actually know why it happened, but it was funny at the time. Their friendship was sealed in an "animated discussion" on the relative merits of Van Halen during different time periods. Also, this picture has no relevance to their relationship, but it's nice... no?

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  1. YAY!!! Im really excited! Let me know what I can do! I love you steph and by extension I love you john!!! Happy engagment!