Friday, November 19, 2010

Marry me, Stephanie!

I realized today that I hadn't shared the proposal story yet. Well, for those curious, here is a detailed account of the proposal told in the 3rd person, as it will appear on our wedding website (which has not yet been revealed!):

It was just a regular Thursday night at the end of a long September. Stephanie was returning home from a spiritual women's group meeting, and John was relaxing in his apartment, playing video games, waiting for her return. After the meeting, Stephanie's roommate (Ann) encouraged her to go spend time at John's apartment. She considered just going back to her apartment with Ann, but Ann gently nudged Stephanie towards John's front door.

Upon entering, Stephanie found John playing video games at his computer - nothing out of the ordinary. However, when he noticed she had arrived, he jumped up from his chair very quickly and quit the video games instantly - really out of the ordinary. He asked Stephanie if she wanted to go out for dessert. You see, it was technically John's night off, since he didn't have to work the next day, so he wanted to go out and have some fun. Unfortunately, Stephanie declined, explaining that she still had lesson plans to write and needed to be up very early the next morning for school. So she began working.

Not even a minute later, John excitedly exclaimed that he had been working on a surprise for Stephanie while she was away at her meeting. He went into the other room and came back with a wrapped present that had the shape of a large photo album. Stephanie asked, "Is this a photo album?" and John answered, "How'd you know? Just open it..." So she opened the present and found exactly what she had expected: a photo album. The cover of the album read "Our Adventures," much like the album from the movie "Up."

As they turned through the pages together, Stephanie found pictures from their whole relationship. John had printed out his favorite photographs of the two of them and labeled them each with cute, little captions. Thoughts began to cross Stephanie's mind: "Is he proposing tonight? No, he can't possibly be proposing. I know he doesn't have a ring. Stop thinking he's going to propose! There's no way." But, MUCH to her surprise, as she turned to the last page, she found a picture of John, down on one knee with the ring in hand, and another picture of the words, "Will You Marry Me, Stephi?" in John's handwriting. He was proposing!

Stephanie didn't know what to do with herself. She couldn't believe John had actually tricked her! He ran into the other room, grabbed the box with the ring, came back and dropped to one knee, asking her to marry him. She said "Of course!" and put he put the beautiful ring on her dainty, little finger. She also could not stop saying, "You tricked me! You tricked me! You're a tricker! I can't believe you tricked me!"

After the initial excitement of it all, they spent the rest of the night smiling with one another, sharing a glass of sangria, and enjoying some celebratory cake bought by Stephanie's roommate Ann. The lesson plans could wait another day...

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