Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bridal Hair Styles

My cousin, Sarah, did a trial run on my hair last night. She only did one hair-do and I thought it was wonderful. Check it out.

There's a slight poof in the back and the bun is to the side of my head. I also love the part in the front. It's a very elegant look. The only question is - where do we put the veil if the bun is off-center? I want to wear it low on the back of my head, so maybe we just center it in the back, even if that means it's not over the bun. 

I'm starting to look like a bride, don't ya think? :)

And to step up the hair-do one more notch, I want to wear a (fake) white flower in my hair. They're very popular these days and you can find a zillion of them on at lower-than-bridal-shop prices. Here are some of my favorites:


Thank you to Sarah for being awesome and volunteering to do my hair and my bridesmaids' hair for the schwedding! We're all going to look soooo pretty.