Monday, January 3, 2011

Schwengagement party

The week before Christmas, John and I flew to Johnson City, TN to visit John's family for the holiday. John wasn't going to be able to be home for Christmas (he was working in the ER... eek!), so his parents decided to throw us an engagement party the weekend before Christmas! This gave us the chance to meet a lot of their close coworkers and friends while we were in town only for a short while.

What made the party even better, you ask? Well, my parents flew in from RI to go to the party as well! So obvi our parents met for the first time. All you Nervous Nancys out there are probably wondering how it went - let's just say it was WONDERFUL! From what John and I could tell, the parentals had a grand ol' time getting to know each other in the great state of Tennessee.

Here are some pictures of the engagement party and weekend in TN for your viewing pleasure:

Me, John, my dad & mom at the engagement party. Open your eyes, momma!

John and I cheesing for the camera, our parents making chit-chats in the background

John's parents, his brother, and my parents... all dressed to impress!

Toasting the engaged couple

Enjoying the toast

John and his bro Eric

Kissy pic!

Visiting the Bristol Motor Speedway for my mom, the NASCAR fan 
The whole gang enjoying pizza at the Mellow Mushroom

My mom and John's dad just so happen to both own windvail blue Mustangs

Enjoying our flowers from John's Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom

They found a toy version of their Mustang at a local candy shop

Now, doesn't it look like we all had a great time! We certainly did, and we are all so grateful to the Schweitzers for showing us a fab time in Tennessee. They are always wonderful hosts and blew us away with a spectacular engagement party. Couldn't have asked for more!

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