Monday, February 14, 2011

A new gown?

Check out this sweet, vintage gown and veil set:

After all the mistakes they made with my gown this weekend, I'm thinking of just starting new and wearing these pieces I found. They would go perfectly with the vintage theme.

What does everyone think?


  1. I think this dress is beautiful and I am a sucker for hats, I am the one who would love to go back to the fifties so all women could dress up in dresses and cardigans and all that jazz but think about this you would just have to get this one sized and fitted as well and they are just as likely to screw this one up. Its really what you are yearning for.... once your dress is all done, take it home then place them side by side hanging up look at each on alternatively feel which one calls to you more then try them on alternatively and see which one makes you happier, then go with you ultimate choice... dont make any split decisions. I just know how happy you were with your former dress and I dont want you to make a decision you would had because of a few fitting mishaps.

  2. Justine :)
    I was playing a prank. Sorrrry! It's my mom's wedding gown. She told me to post it on here and pretend like it was my gown. I feel bad for tricking you. My former dress is still in perfect condition and will be worn down the aisle 5 months from today! Sorrrry again for tricking you.
    <3 Bride-anie