Saturday, June 25, 2011

DIY Photobooth Project

Well, here we are! About 3 weeks away from the big day and things are progressing nicely.

Recently, I took on a small project to keep myself busy in these days leading up to the wedding. My brother Matt is going to run a photobooth during the dancing hours of the reception. He explained that most of the pictures taken during the dance portion of a reception end up all looking the same. So, instead of snapping away at the sweaty folks of the dance floor, Matt's going to be snapping snazzy photos of our guests in fancy photobooth fashion. He mentioned that I should buy some props. Well, this is where I up the ante... I decided to make some props instead!

I used some shops on etsy for some inspiration...

From etsy user ThePaperStache

From etsy user thelittleblackshop

And then created my own little masterpieces:

The assortment!

Cuttin' out some 'staches. 

I look good with a 'stache and bowtie!

I'll probably purchase a few other props to throw in the mix... maybe a tiara, or a crazy hat, or a feather boa. In the end, I'm just really looking forward to seeing hilarious pictures of our guests gone wild.

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