Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reception Vision & the To-Do List

I've already shared a bunch of these pictures, but here are my ideas for the reception all in one fun inspiration board!

The top left is what I've asked for the cake to look like and the bottom right is what Kate Niemer is working on replicating for our cake topper! The keys up top will have guests names attached on a key card, helping guests to figure out where they'll be seated. The hard-to-see pic in the top right is tables with white table clothes, silver chairs, and blue napkins... the exact look we're going for. I hope it works out with the maroon/yellow rugs and golden chandeliers. Hrmmm. Below that is the tack-the-map board that guests will tack with their spot of origin... we're going to work on that next week. Then there's the head table (love all the candles), the teacups, which will be on a lot of tables, and a view of the courtyard at the Radisson. It's nice to see it all come together like that.

So, am I freaking out right now because the wedding is less than 3 weeks away? No-sir-ree! I'm going to be honest, blogging about the whole planning experience has actually helped me stay on top of all the planning. There aren't many things left to be done, so this bride is one calm cucumber. It also helps that she's had the past 1.5 weeks off from work (teaching) and has more free time ahead leading up to the wedding.

You're probably wondering now, what does Stephanie have left to do in the next 18 days? Well, I'll tell ya. Here's the ta-da to-do list! (I say ta-da because it's very manageable):

Travel home to RI
Perfect and print the programs for the ceremony
Design and print signs for the reception hall
Design and print inserts for the luggage tag favors
Run to the craft store to buy stuff for reception hall decorations
Perfect the seating chart
Make the seating key cards and attach to keys
Make the tack-the-map board
Meet with the DJ
Work on speech for rehearsal dinner
Finish bridesmaids gifts & purchase other gifts
Have a make-up trial run
Have another final fitting with my gown

... and that about sums it up. Yes, you read that last one correctly. After my last fitting (where I claimed on facebook that my dress "fit like a glove"), I tried the gown on again and it just isn't perfect. I think I may have been bloated when I tried it on. Plus, I wasn't super happy with the way it was taken in in a few spots, so basically, I'm going have one last final fitting in RI (at Sassy & Classy) to make sure things are perfect. They'll also be steaming my dress for me! Bye-bye wrinkles. I'm taking my gown with me in a carry-on on the plane home to RI, so the steaming will be a must.

Sorry, I've got to run! Time to work on checking more off that ta-da to-do list!

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