Thursday, May 26, 2011

The 2 Month Lull

I've never really felt overwhelmed by any of this wedding planning stuff (future Stephanie, please read this one week before wedding and remember to breeeeathe), and right now is no exception.

Actually, the only thing we've been working on over the past month, wedding-related, are invitations. And by "we" I mostly mean my brother Matt. We emailed each other back and forth for a few weeks, discussing what the pieces of the invite should look like, breaking down the invite text word-by-word, making final edits on the designs, making final, final, final edits on the designs, quadruple checking everything (we almost spelled "afternoon" like this... "afteroon" ... oops!). And at the end of a few weeks, we had this amazing invitation ready to be sent off to the copiers.

As the invites were being printed, I spent a few hours with coworker and friend Kate (who also helped me find my wedding gown!) addressing the envelopes on a Saturday. When the invites arrived, I ran around town trying to find the perfect stamps for the envelopes and the RSVPs. Then, I stuffed, stamped, and sealed all the envelopes, and then they were off! We've even gotten a few RSVPs back and I didn't even send them a week ago. How great!

So, that was the invitation-sending process, and like I said, that's all we've done for the wedding lately. We've gotten to this "2 month lull" as I like to call it. We're 2 months out from the wedding and there's not much left we can do until we get a little closer (e.g. seating cards, arranging centerpieces, purchasing decorations, etc.). And that's why you haven't heard from me much lately... because I don't have too much to say.

Oh, 'cept I should probably show you the ADORABLE bikini I bought for the honeymoon. This bride has lost 15 pounds since she started her weight loss journey, so she figured she needed to buy a new suit to show off her new curves to her new hubbie :) I leave you with a preview...


  1. ohh la la lol i got my invite!

  2. Yeah!! AWESOME invite Steph!! They are so cute and different!! Hats off to your bro.

  3. where is that bathing suit from?? are there cups in the top? i want one!

  4. by "are there cups" i mean "is there underwire?"

  5. here's the link:

    and the top is underwire :) sizes go all the way up to 38F! the bathing suit brand is freya... all freya bathing suits are sized according to bra size and go up to pretty big sizes. the only downside is, they cost a pretty penny :| oh well! worth it for a nice bathing suit!