Friday, May 6, 2011

Sneak Peek

At the reception, we're going to have a slideshow playing composed of pictures of John and me. Some will be pictures of little Johnny, some of little Stephie. Some of us as awkward teens, some of us at graduations, and some of us throughout our relationship and engagement.

My future mother-in-law had the task of collecting pictures of little Johnny (as well as other pics of grandparents, siblings, etc on his side for other uses at the wedding). I recently took a peek at the pictures she put together and love EVERY one of them. How could I not love diving into a part of John I didn't get to see?

So, here's a sneak peek of the slideshow, just for you. Some of my favorite little Johnny pictures...

John giving nose kisses to his mom.

He didn't want little Eric to get all the attention, so he hammed it up for the camera.

Weeee! Down the slide!

He still looks the same. So precious. 

Trying to handle being a big bro. Kathleen is not cooperating. 

If our kids look as cute as he did, we're gonna have some precious kiddos. Thanks for the pics, soon-to-be Mom-in-law :)

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