Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recent Purchases Have Arrived!

Luggage tags... check! They're perfect.

Bridesmaids gifts... check! Girls, you're going to LOVE them.

Napkins... check... them out :)

They're not exactly the right colors, but they'll do. Don't you love the monogrammedness?
Groomsmens' socks... check! And check them out...

They look so cozy and fun. Better prepare the photographer/my brother to take a sweet sock shot of all the boys.

Keys for escort cards... check! They look SO awesome. Can you tell they're wooden?

Other recent purchases include John's belt and shoes and my earrings. He still needs a nice white dress shirt  and I'm on the hunt for some shoes for the reception. After we purchase those two little pieces, our wedding day attire should be all set. John's mom offered me the opportunity to wear her mother's bracelet on the big day. It'll be my something blue, as it's made of sapphires and diamonds. Perfect! I feel honored to wear it :)

Currently, I'm working with my brother to complete the invitations. They should be ordered and on their way to our guests' homes in the next two-ish weeks. All I can say is... they look AMAZING. He's worked so hard on them for us, and it definitely shows. Pictures will be posted after guests have received them... don't want to ruin the surprise.

Also, I forgot to mention that the rehearsal dinner venue has been booked! John's parents (with the help of a few suggestions from my parents) picked out the restaurant 1149 for the event. If you're a Rhode Islander, you know this place is a delicious and hip spot in the middle of the state, and you're aware of how awesome it'll be for a rehearsal dinner. We're very excited about their choice.

Other than that, everything is basically at a lull right now. We're working on getting more paperwork for the church and soon we'll be putting together readings and music for the mass. We'll also start working on getting music together for the reception, pick up some more decorations for the reception, design different paper goodies for the wedding day, and other random things that make the big day go 'round. I know I say this often, but I'm pretty shocked at how quickly time is flying and how nicely (slash easily) the details are coming together. Call me lucky, I guess... or maybe just lucky-in-love. Aww shucks! 74 days to go!

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