Thursday, March 31, 2011


We're headed to ARUBA!

After much deliberation and research, John and I have decided on our honeymoon destination. We'll be flying out of RI at 8am the day after the wedding... Aruba bound!

We've known for a while now that we wanted to go somewhere in the Caribbean. Our top priorities in choosing destination were beautiful beaches, yummy food, relaxation, and fancy hotel room. We figured it was highly likely that anywhere in the Caribbean would fit the bill, so we started researching all the different islands... did you know there are around 7,000 in the Caribbean?! Obviously most of them you wouldn't go to for a honeymoon, but the point is, we had a lot to choose from!

For a while we were thinking about going to St. Maarten/St. Martin (a half French, half Dutch island in the Caribbean). We liked that there would be two different cultures meshed into one big, beautiful island, but research kept pointing us to Aruba. Every review we read and every bit of research surrounding weather/hurricane seasons were telling us Aruba was the best choice (did you know Aruba is outside of the hurricane belt? Major plus! Especially since most of the islands' hurricane seasons involve the month of July).

So, we caved :) and we decided on Aruba. Then, we started looking at all the different hotels, resorts, high rises, etc. We looked at the Radisson, the Marriott, the resorts that friends have stayed at, we debated all inclusive vs. not all inclusive, we looked at maps of Aruba and reviews of restaurants in the areas of the different places of stay. In the end, we kept coming back to Bucuti (much like we had returned to Aruba over and over). Everyone RAVED about it in every review we read, and it's one of tripadvisor's top 10 romantic spots in the world. Also, they cater to honeymooners and couples, and no kids are allowed (love kiddos, but maybe not on the honeymoon). So, how could we say no? Even the price was right!

Therefore, tonight, we buckled down and booked both our flights AND the resort. We're so excited about our choice and CAN'T WAIT for July 17th. The only day we're more excited for is the one before it :)

Here are some fancy-shmancy pictures of the resort:

The resort from the beach
Nighttime loungin'

Pool loungin'

The beach from the resort

These chairs are waiting for Mr. & Mrs. Schweitzer <3

Our room

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