Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Play-by-Play for the Big Day

My mother, the florist, and I met with the wedding coordinator at the Radisson yesterday. While there, we went through the entire wedding day, creating a minute-by-minute plan for the big day. It took a while to get all the information together, as we also discussed the meal, the centerpieces and seating cards, colors for linens, and other details related to vendors, but in the end we felt really accomplished and very organized for the wedding. 

Linda, the coordinator, noticed that one of the big things John and I want for the wedding day is a feeling of "fun" for everyone. First and foremost, we want to be married by the end of the day, but after that comes   an atmosphere of fun for all our guests. We really want it to be one heck-of-a-party that guests talk about for months to come! Therefore, she helped us to plan out the evening in a way such that guests will always have something to keep them entertained. Here's the general schedule for the evening (though I will keep in mind that the schedule can be fluid, because otherwise I might end up turning into a time-crunching Bridezilla!)

3:00 - 4:00:  Catholic Marriage Ceremony
4:00 - 4:30:  Receiving line 
4:30 - ?: Bridal party takes pictures
4:30 - 5:30: Guests make their way over to the Radisson
5:30 - 6:30:   Cocktail Hour at the Radisson
6:30:  Main ballroom is opened and bridal party arrives
6:50: Bridal party is announced
         First dance for Bride & Groom :)
         Blessing by Priest
         Champagne toast by Father of the Bride
7:00: 1st course is served
        Father/bride dance
        2nd course is served
        Mother/groom dance
        3rd/main corse is served
        Bride & Groom cut the cake
9:15: Best Man & Maid of Honor speeches
         Dessert is served
9:30: Dance party begins! 
         Tons of dancing
         Dollar dance
         Tons of dancing
         Toss the bouquet
         Tons of dancing
         Toss the garter
         Tons of dancing
11:45: Farewell to Bride & Groom
11:55: The last dance         
12:00: Party ends!


Well, there it is. I'm sure there will be about 25 adjustments before the big day and about 50 on the day of, but it looks pretty good to me for now. 

Some other fun details we decided on: there will be a slideshow running of pictures of John and I (baby pictures all the way up through our relationship) during the meal for guests to enjoy and a photo booth run by my brother during the dance party. We're also going to have TWO desserts! Mmmm. Oh, I should probably fill you in on the delicious meal we have planned. 

Passed Hors D'Oeuvres (during Cocktail Hour):
Sweet potato and coconut chicken mini fajitas
Grilled vegetable bruschetta 
Scallops wrapped in bacon
Chicken satay tandoori

1st Course: Minestrone

2nd Course: Mixed green salad with assorted dressings

3rd/Main Course: Grilled chicken breast with tomato cilantro sauce OR
grilled sirloin with spinach, red peppers, and portabellas (plus a veggie option for vegetarians)
Served with oven roasted potatoes and green beans with roasted red peppers

Dessert: Wedding cake (flavors tbd) AND 
a chocolate truffle pyramid with raspberry filling (OMGoodness to DIE for!)    

That's basically all the planning we accomplished with Linda. Today we worked on some more details, including plans for flowers and centerpieces. Expect to hear about those in my next post. Until then, I leave you with some pictures of the inside of the Radisson ballroom.

That upper right corner will the where the head table and dance floor are located.

These are the chandeliers in the room. Perfectly vintage, right? 

This is the view of the room from the head table. In this space will
be our 21 guest tables, photo booth, gift table, bars, and slide show projector.

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  1. That menu sounds great! And I'll be sure to bring my dancing shoes. Or at least flip flops for when I ditch the fancy shoes.