Tuesday, March 1, 2011

wedding workouts

This bride is busting her butt to get into bridal (and honeymoon) shape!

I joined the Y about a month ago and coworker/friend Veronica has been my workout buddy ever since. We take Zumba, Step & Sculpt, Spinning, and BodyPump classes together! Last night was BodyPump and my body is so sore! 

I've also started tracking my calories on loseit.com. It is awesome. Well, the grumblies in my tummy aren't always awesome, but the way the websites works is pretty great. You input your current weight and your weight loss goal, and it spits back the amount of time it'll take to reach it (for me, at the pace of 1 lb per week). Each day, you log the food you eat and it calculates your calories for you. And when you exercise, you get to each extra cals! Mmmmm. There's also some peer pressure involved. You can find your buddies on there and see their daily calories and workout summaries! So far I have friended 4 buddies on there, and we keep track of each others' gains/losses while gently encouraging each other to keep with it. 
This might all sound a little conceded, but I feel like many marriage prep regimes involve the bride and groom making their efforts to look their best on the big day. Don't get me wrong... I love John just the way he is and I know he feels the same about me. Heck, we could each gain 100 pounds and still be happily married come July. Honestly, it just feels good to push myself to be more healthy. Right now I have the wedding motivating me and hopefully this motivation will turn into a lasting habit. That way, John and I have as many years with each other as possible (as we'll be avoiding many health complications).

Anyway, to stay motivated now (and to push through the tummy grumbles and sore muscles), I need your help! Find me on loseit.com and friend me. Or let me be talk about being a health nut for a while. Congratulate me when I lose a pound. Tell me I look saucy, sassy, and bride-iful on my wedding day :) And I'll make sure to thank you for the support.

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  1. You are doing great! Your resolve is admirable :) I know being on a diet is the worst, but just think about how even more amazing you'll look and feel on your big day! And, for the record...you don't even really need to lose any weight - you are beautiful as is!