Saturday, April 9, 2011

Centerpieces, Flowers, Etc.

During my week home, I had the opportunity to hang out with the florist (my mom's long time friend, Niki) and work on ideas for flowers and centerpieces. Here's the skinny...

There will be three different types of centerpieces. One centerpiece will involve three antique tea cups, planted with african violets and a vase of white flowers between them. The second centerpiece will have a stack of three antique books topped with a small, clear bottle holding white flowers. The third centerpiece will be a mix of different antiques (old milk jugs, a lantern, crackers tins, etc) accompanied by a vase of flowers. Each table will also have 3 votive candles. Some tables will have maps laid under the books, vases, tea cups, etc. to go along with our adventure theme. 

Here you can see some of the tea cups, a stack of old books, and
a tiny vase atop them. Also, our florist (Niki) is in the background.  

As for flowers, we have a variety of white flowers and leafy green plants (to pull in the green colors of our "blue and green" theme) and maybe even some succulents! Each bridesmaid will carry a different white flower (white roses, white hydrangeas, amaryllis, carnations, and I can't remember the rest), and my bouquet will be a big combination of all their flowers. 

Niki was so helpful while I was explaining my ideas ... she knows her flowers well and came up with some great arrangement ideas. And she also has a great artistic eye for things such as centerpieces. We even put together some more ideas concerning the seating cards, tack-the-map piece, and gift table. 

Also, a recent addition to our reception decor: my parents booked a rental of 150 silver chiavari chairs (because the chairs at the Radisson are red & gold and no bueno) AND uplighting for the room. We'll also be renting navy blue napkins to bring in the blue of our "green & blue" color scheme. 

If you've never seen chiavari chairs before, they're all the rage in the wedding scene. Especially when the reception hall you're renting out only supply VERY outdated and heinous-looking chairs. Here are some pictures of the chiavari chairs and uplighting. 

Silver chiavari chairs

Uplighting! Ours will probably be a mix of blues and greens.

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