Monday, April 11, 2011

Fitting #4

This past weekend, I had my 4th dress fitting. 4th! Can you believe that? And I still probably have about 2 more left.

I know I posted about a dress-fitting disaster that happened a while back, but things have been running smoothly since then. The bustle they ended up making looks pretty great and keeps the long train of the dress up in a fashionable way.

We've officially added two straps to the dress as well! When I went in for my 3rd fitting, there was still only one strap on the dress (that the seamstress had made). When I asked her why there was only one, she said she thought I only wanted one. Huh? One strap? So silly! So now there are two. And we've placed them almost perfectly along the strapless neckline of the dress. It's seriously a lot of work to position them just right. Even looking at pictures right now (which, sorry, you can't see yet!), I'm thinking we moved the straps a little too close together in the back. It'll just be more adjusting for fitting #5.

Also, because of my recent dieting and exercise, my gown is fitting even better these days. There was barely enough room for my bust when I originally bought the dress, making me just a liiiiittle self conscious about it... but now I have plenty of room up top and we discovered at the fitting that I don't even need to wear a bra with it anymore! How freeing :) hehe. So far I've said goodbye to 5.5 pounds and I don't miss them at all! And seriously, if you're thinking about losing weight, check out It's soooo easy to use and makes weight-loss simple!

I've gotten off track. Basically, the fitting went really well. The last thing I did was try on the belt (I posted a picture of it a while back) with my gown for the first time and it looked lovely! The seamstress and a few of the ladies working there said (no joke) it was the most beautiful bridal belt they had ever seen. How's that for encouraging?

Now, I wait til fitting #5... which isn't til mid-June!

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