Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wedding Bands

John and I purchased our wedding bands last weekend.

Mine is the one made to match my Ritani engagement ring. We picked out platinum. It's almost identical to the band on my engagement ring. In the picture, it looks like the rings don't fit quite right together... that's because it was the sample ring! It was about 1 size too big. Don't worry, the wedding band will fit very snugly when it comes in.

My rings!

John's is a Novell 4 millimeter (that's the width! - very slim and European), milgrain palladium ring. Palladium metal is almost exactly like platinum except it's lighter in weight and not a precious metal, making it a much cheaper option. It scratches and wears the exact same way, though.The milgrain is hard to see in the picture, but they're little metal bumps around the edges of the ring.

Johnny's ring!

That last picture gives you a better idea of what milgrain looks like. I love it! Fancy, right? It reminds me of my dad because his wedding band has milgrain. Because I grew up looking at my dad's ring, when John and I started looking for bands for him, I kept suggesting milgrain... it was almost like it was planted in my head that a man's wedding band is supposed to have milgrain! Well, John ended up loving it, so there you have it!

They should be arriving in the next few weeks. That's one more thing to cross off the schwedding to-do list. Fab!

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