Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I've always loved the color green. Basically, ever since I realized that it looked good on redheads, green and I have been the best of friends.

I know I mentioned earlier that when we were deciding on wedding colors, we based it off the fact that green was going to be one of them. This narrowed things down quite a bit, as green doesn't go well with many colors. So, after a bit of research, the choice was easy! Green was a MUST and navy blue just so happens to compliment it very well. So, there you have it. 

Well, while checking out my favorite wedding blogs today, I came across this quote in the description of a wedding that used green and black/damask as their colors:

"Green is symbolic for nature. Growth. Harmony. Freshness. Green is also the most restful color for the human eye and suggests endurance and stability."

Endurance and stability! That definitely makes green the perfect color for a wedding :) 

And now, for some more green (to help you feel restful, harmonious, and stable)...

My shoes have been dyed green... 

... to match John's tie!
And this one's just because he's so darn handsome when he adjusts his (green) tie.

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